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Opt for neutrals

It is imperative that a home office has a calming and zen environment, therefore ensure that neutral tones make up the foundations of your room as opposed to a bold, garish colour palette. You can still ensure that the room has a sense of fun however, by picking a bright colour for accents and accessories.

Keep it neat and tidy

 Look for desks that offer storage solutions to keep unwanted clutter out of sight and out of mind, so that you don’t get distracted when working. Our home office solutions have a fantastic array of bespoke internal storage options to accommodate homeowner needs – therefore if you need space for an abundance of pens or a mountain of paper clips, we can ensure that is catered for. 

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The right lighting is everything

Dim or overbearing lighting can have a direct effect on your focus and creative output, therefore, be sure to carefully plan how you will illuminate your room. Our fitted office furniture has an array of ambient lighting solutions such as LED lighting, that be can be used to brighten the wall space above your desk to enhance the light in the area you’re working.

Create a chill-out zone

Whist it is important to have a desk area to focus and get work done, it is also essential that you have a chill-out zone for thinking or reading, so look for a comfy chair or beanbag, so that you can carve out a separate, designated area to let your creative juices flow. Better still, adding a window seat to the room will allow you to gaze outside at the scenery and recharge.

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Add greenery

Including plants in your scheme will instantly create a more appealing environment by bringing the outside in. Succulents continue to be a hugely popular trend and require little maintenance.

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