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Easy ways to sell your house as quickly as possible

2020 has been a year of unpredictability and uncertainty for better or worse. Our lives have been put on hold but for some of us, the world hasn’t stopped turning, and this has meant having to make some difficult decisions. 

For those of us looking to move house and sell our homes, the process has been made that much more difficult by situations like Brexit and the pandemic. What once was a perfectly desirable house needs to work that much harder to be noticed for several reasons:

1. Buyers are scared of buying at the wrong time

2. Buyers are scared of parting with their money

3. If/when they do part with it, buyers want to make sure it’s for the deal of a lifetime

One way of making your home more appealing to buyers and potentially even add value to your property is to carry out some quick and easy home renovations. Home renovations make versatile home improvement ideas as they can cost hardly anything or you can spend some to make some. 

In this article, Sharps will go through some easy, some cheap, and some investment home renovation ideas to add value to your home and make it easier to sell. And if our ideas fix your problems and save you all the moving costs - even better!

Home Improvement Ideas

1. Decorate with neutrals

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It’s difficult when decorating a new home to rein yourself in and consider what the next owner might like. If you’re looking to sell and your taste is more eclectic, or perhaps you jumped on a trend that has passed, you might want to consider redecorating with neutral colours like whites, beiges and greys.


When viewing a house that is neutrally decorated, smaller spaces seem larger and brighter. A fresh lick of paint also makes the place seem better looked after, which can reassure buyers that there are fewer problems hidden throughout the rest of the house.

2. Accessorise

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Decorating your garden with some simple potted plants and putting some art up helps a home to look loved, which will help potential buyers to have an emotional response when being shown around. Now is the time to fill that bare wall you’ve been putting off or find a nice vase for that windowsill. 


However, remember there is a fine line between having personality and making it impossible for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Tidy away what you can of your sentimental belongings to make it look more like a show home.

3. Fitted Wardrobes


Fitted wardrobes provide built-in storage that potential buyers (and you!) don’t even have to think about. They add value to your house with extra storage space, beautiful finishes and innovative storage solutions. It may seem nonsensical to install fitted wardrobes when you’re looking to sell. However, the amount they could add to your property value would make them well worth it. 


If you don’t want fitted wardrobes that you’re not going to be enjoying yourself, consider fitting built-in wardrobes in your new home and upping its value soon after you’ve moved in!

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4. Loft conversions

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​​​​​​Converting your loft space is an obvious, if slightly longer-winded, way to add value to your house that really gives back to buyers. After all, you cannot argue with extra usable rooms! The beauty of adding real value to your home is that you get to see the cash profit of the work you put in and it’s an easy sell to buyers too as it’s a tangible benefit. 


Perhaps you’re moving to upsize and converting your loft or basement, or getting an extension would mean you could stay where you were for a few extra years plus added value when you’re ready to sell.

5. A lick of paint

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Updating paint jobs around the house can help to modernise and freshen up key selling points for buyers. It’s surprisingly easy to paint your kitchen cabinets or freshen up your internal woodwork and it may help to put your house ahead of the competition. If you do decide to update your paintwork, go for modern styles like neutrals to brighten up the place.

6. Curb appeal


The essence of curb appeal is that buyers want to feel proud pulling into their drive and inviting their friends and family around. Curb appeal is similar to dressing smart or styling your hair, they don’t prove the quality within but they act as status symbols and you just trust someone more if they’re well-kempt.


You can improve your curb appeal by painting your front door, trimming hedges, weeding, and pressure washing the drive and the pavement around the house. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your neighbours to do the same or even offer to do it for them to make the neighbourhood seem more appealing.

Why will home improvements make my house sell faster?

Home improvements make your house seem more attractive to potential buyers and may just put you ahead of other houses that your buyers are considering. 

They can also add value to your house, which could put some buyers off who have a strict budget. However, if the improvements you make will make life easier for buyers and add real value to day-to-day living, savvy buyers will snap it up. 

In a time where buying and selling houses is less certain than normal, providing every reason for buyers to choose your house is more important than ever. And if painting those doors and fitting those wardrobes means it takes weeks rather than months or even years to sell, it seems like a simple decision to us.

To find out more about how Sharps could add value to your house, have a read of our a brochure or book a free, no-obligation home design visit today.

What happens at your home design visit?

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A Sharps Design Consultant will come to you, bringing samples of drawers, handles and fabrics. They’ll look at your room to see how to best maximise space; create a personal, hand drawn illustration; help you choose the best interior storage options for you; and give you an accurate quote – with no pressure to buy.

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