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How to create the perfect office environment that won't play havoc with your health, no matter your home living space.

With most of the nation enduring nearly a year of working from home, when it comes to creating that healthy work-life balance we can all do with some tips for working from home efficiency without taking its toll on our health. Whether it be home office ideas you’re looking for, storage space or simple solutions like adding in some greenery to give a fresh botanical feel - why not look at scenting the air with an uplifting aroma?

Your home office should inspire you creatively, as well as supporting your physical, mental health and wellbeing.

Sharps have created an inspiration guide on how to boost your health and productivity within your home office environment.

1. Storage is key

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Short on space but don’t want to compromise on storage? Fear not, opt for desks with built-in storage solutions to keep unwanted clutter out of sight, especially with all those video calls where fellow colleagues can get a glimpse of your makeshift office setup.


Sharps home office solutions have a fantastic array of bespoke built-in office storage options to accommodate all your working from home needs no matter your space. If on the other hand you have space to play with, then you will want to keep your filing systems behind cupboard doors, with some added open shelving to display books, photos and decorative objects.


Top tip: Avoid filling every shelf to the max, as this can be overbearing; alternatively group books on shelves in small groups and try alternating the next shelf with a decorative object or picture frame, which will be more pleasing on the eye and avoids clutter.

2. Add a scent surround purifier

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When you walk into a room the aroma is the first thing you discover and with an added scent in play, such as the uplifting blend of peppermint can boost productivity, promotes concentration and invigorates, resulting in a positive mind.


Investing in an air diffuser you can mix your scents based on your mood, whether you prefer more of a pick-me-up, stimulating, mood boosting, calming or relaxing, adding a few drops of your chosen essential oils can transform your office space. Diffusers and scented candles can also work wonders in any office space to just give your mood a boost for more positivity.

3. Take regular breaks

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Not only will this help aid concentration, but it will also enable you to stretch, as sitting for long periods of time is never good for anyone’s posture.


A short ten minute break can boost productivity, even by moving from one area to the next within your office with a designated chill-out zone for escaping the screen to recharge with some quiet reading or quiet mind space.

4. Add some plants

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Adding a few plants into your home office environment will instantly create a more appealing environment by bringing the outside indoors. Small plants like succulents continue to be a hugely popular trend to have scattered inside shelving or around your desk and require little maintenance.


Larger leafy pot plants like rubber plants and Swiss cheese plants sat in raffia storage baskets continue to be an Instagram hit for an instant way to add an impact to a space and the health benefits that come with adding a touch of nature indoors.

5. Invest in a proper office chair

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A study from Bupa healthcare reported that millions of people in the UK had to seek medical help after the first lockdown due to posture related injuries, by not having the proper office setup due to working from the sofa and a kitchen chair as a make-do office desk chair.


Ensuring you have the correct office chair that fully supports your back, with armrests, a headrest and one that is fully height adjustable will prevent posture aches and medical bills for physio-related issues longer down the line.

6. Maximise your space with built-in office furniture

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​​​​​​It is also vital that you accurately plan the layout of your room to avoid the space feel over-cluttered. Fitted office furniture is the perfect solution for saving space as it can make use of all of the available room and is designed around individual needs to create a completely unique solution.

7. Good lighting

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Good lighting is key for all those video calls, too bright can make you appear ghostlike on calls and too dark your appearance will become fuzzy. Not to mention dim or overbearing lighting can have a direct effect on your focus and creative output - therefore, be sure to carefully plan how you will add subtle lighting to your home office environment.


Our fitted office furniture has an array of ambient lighting solutions such as LED lighting, that can be used to brighten the wall space above your desk to enhance the light in the area you’re working.

8. Colour Scheme


Although, bold colours are a major trend at the moment, they can be a touch overwhelming within a space, so it is always advisable to stick to a neutral colour palette to make up the foundations of your home office when it comes to decorating.


You can still add shots of colour by accessorising with a few carefully selected bright accessories to make a dramatic impact on a neutral background.

9. A bespoke built-in office the Sharps way

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Here at Sharps, we offer a variety of built-in home office solutions no matter your budget, space and specific requirements. We specialise in built-in office furniture with a bespoke service and a guarantee that they will last years.


To find out more about how Sharps could help you with designing your dream home office have a read of our brochure or book a free, no-obligation home design visit today.

What happens at your home design visit?

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A Sharps Design Consultant will come to you, bringing samples of drawers, handles and fabrics. They’ll look at your room to see how to best maximise space; create a personal, hand drawn illustration; help you choose the best interior storage options for you; and give you an accurate quote – with no pressure to buy.

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